A Great Cover By Mort Drucker


My main duties for Nostalgia Zone is to enter newly arrived comics and magazines into the online catalog. A catalog you should be checking out regularly to find those must have gems you’ve been looking for. The gems that will complete a collection and/or fill a hole in your life. Hey, I know how it is. I collect comic books, too.

OK, shameless plug over.

Oh! And you can sign up for a membership to earn points and receive discounts on those gems. It’s free!

All right. Enough with the shameless plugging, already.

As I go through each week’s new arrivals, I always keep an eye open for great covers for this series. Today I was entering reader copies of DC Comics’ The Adventures of Jerry Lewis. There were several covers produced by Owen Fitzgerald and a few by Bob Oksner. Both fellows are very good and capable artists.

But then I pulled #72 (September-October 1962) from the stack.

I stopped. “Whoa!* Who did this one?!”

I looked it up on the Grand Comics Database and found it was drawn and inked by cartooning/illustration legend Mort Drucker. I mainly know Drucker’s work for Mad Magazine, but he’s lent his artistic mastery to advertising, album covers, and, of course, comic books. His caricature work is fantastic!

On this cover, he needed to comply with keeping the consistent DC Comics’ look for Jerry, which he does, and yet he brings something special to the cover. The poses of the characters are loose and have movement. The young woman is attractive, but not lurid. And Jerry is… well… Jerry. Not to put down Fitzgerald and Oksner, it’s just that Drucker’s style tickles my fancy a little bit more.

It’s a great cover.

*Please note: When writing “whoa” as an expression of awe or surprise, or as a command to stop a horse, it is spelled W-H-O-A. Not W-O-A-H.  “Woah” is never correct. Never!

Packing Peanuts!

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