Nostalgia Zone sells old comic books. We sell other items including model kits, games, toys, action figures, and so on; but mainly we sell old comic books. We buy old comic books (and the newer ones, we don’t discriminate) from folks willing to depart with their treasures.

We aren’t sure exactly when this happened, but we purchased a collection that turned out to contain a mystery. It wasn’t noticed right away, but that collection was loaded with comic books with a particular bit of defacement. Written on the covers of so many books was the simple word “Toot.”

It might be written in marker. It might be in pen. Sometimes it would be written more than once on a cover. The word shows up mostly on Gold Key Comics titles, but Charlton and DC also get Tooted. So far I’ve only found one Marvel title that got the Toot treatment.

It’s not uncommon for younger collectors to write their names on their comics. Sometimes we’ll find dates stamped on the covers. But Toot? Who or what is Toot?

The probable explanation seems to be that some comic collector had the nickname of Toot and they decided to tag their books with it. However, I’d really like to find out just what Toot means and why someone decided to write on their comics.

Do you know Toot? Who was it? What was it?

It’s a mystery.

This one has two Toots.
The Pink Panther hooks a Toot.
Pebbles. Bamm-Bamm. Toot.
Star Trek
Star Trek gets a cosmic Toot.
Brave Bold
A brave and bold Toot for Batman and Joker.
The finger points the way to Spidey’s Toot.
Shazam! That’s an expensive Toot!

Packing Peanuts!

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Images used under Fair Use.

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