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It’s Time For Another Curse


Photo credit: NY Times

The Minnesota Twins have made the playoffs! They clinched the second Wild Card spot when the Chicago White Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California last night. Yeah, it would have felt better for the Twins to have beaten the Cleveland Indians to win the Wild Card spot, but I’ll take it.

This is the first time the Twins have been in the postseason since 2010. Since 2003, they have made the playoffs and lost in the Division Series five times. Four of those losses came at the hands of the New York Yankees (2003, 2004, 2009, and 2010). The Evil Empire has just had their way with my beloved team. The Twins manage make the postseason only to come up against those guys and zip! out of the playoffs.  Oh, how I hate the Yankees!

Well, Twins fans are girding themselves for facing the Bronx Bastards once again in the postseason. This time it is very likely the Twins will meet those postseason killers in a one game Wild Card playoff. It’s one game. One chance to finally beat those jerk faces! Some Minnesota fans are saying, “Bring it on! It’s one game. The Twins can win one game.”

Man, I hope so, but I have that sinking feeling baseball’s most vile team is just going to do it to us again.

You know what baseball needs? Another curse.

This curse needs to be placed on the Hated Yankees. It’s been eight years since they won a World Series and that’s a good start. They need to not win another one for, oh, let’s not be greedy, 100 years! Yeah! A century of the damn Yankees not winning a World championship would be good for baseball.

The Chicago Cubs went longer than that between World Series championships, it needs to happen to the Hated Yankees.

Oh, they can get close. They can make the postseason as many times as they like, but they just can’t win it all. Wouldn’t it be great if they made it into the fall classic, but somehow managed to blow it? In fact, they should be poised to win a World Series in a game six. They should be down to the last out, the last strike even, from winning the series, but somehow the National League champ finds a way to win that game and then beats the hated ones in game seven.

How great would that be?

It’s time the Evil Empire and their fans learn the heartache of getting so close and not winning. Again and again and again.

But what will cause the curse? Perhaps this Wild Card game against my Twins (assuming the Boston Red Sox win the AL East) will provide the moment Yankee fans point to as the beginning of the curse. It could be a boneheaded play, a missed call, fan interference, a llama running onto the field. Anything that can be blamed for helping the despised team lose.

If only the MN Twins could win this one. I know the odds are against them. But if they could pull it off, no matter how well they do the rest of this postseason, they would be heroes of the baseball world.

And maybe, just maybe, the progenitors of baseball’s next curse.

A boy can dream, can’t he?

Packing Peanuts!

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