Another Wonder Woman Great Cover

She’s not tied up this time, but there she is being dominated by men. Again.

Well, this issue of Wonder Woman (#176) was published in June 1968 and the male dominated world of comic books was trying to get a handle on the Women’s Movement. However, I’m certain Wonder Woman was able to defeat the Triple Stars, the rather disturbing looking fellows surrounding her as she has a moment of doubt. (Spoiler: I took a peak inside. She kicks their butts.)

Artist Irv Novick, who drew and inked this great cover, uses the through the legs composition, which is not all that uncommon in comic book cover design. Why the first cover I wrote about on this blog (Werewolf By Night, #26, February 1975) used that composition very effectively. It was drawn by Gil Kane after all, so of course it is great.

So the composition works well and I like the way Wonder Woman is drawn. Novick’s anatomy drawing is great and I love that heavy black outline of her left arm. That heavy line seems to root her right to the ground.

But what really strikes me when I look at the cover are the faces of those two Triple Stars. The big smiles appear frozen in place. But, those eyes. Look at those eyes. It’s those eyes that makes those fellows so disturbing. They look like demented versions of Superman. I don’t want to know what is on their minds. And all the menace is achieved with those frozen smiles and those evil, evil eyes.

It’s a great cover that gives me the creeps.

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