Thank You!

It’s been one hell of a year, hasn’t it? Social unrest, political strife, economic upheavals, and a global pandemic.

Yep. A hell of a year.

Even so, I want to take a moment to acknowledge my gratitude to those who are so important to Nostalgia Zone.

There’s the staff. Starting with Chris, the owner, who stayed in the store through the three days and nights of protests and riots that came within blocks of our building last summer. I’m not sure what he would have been able to do had the rioters turned their attention to the store, but there he was, willing to go down with the ship. He’s been doing his best to keep up with the online orders and replenish our stock.

And Dave, who although he hasn’t stepped foot in the store since the pandemic forced a shutdown in March, has been working behind the scenes to help keep us going. And, I must say, the store doesn’t feel right without him. Personally, I miss Dave very much. We’ve been friends since 1996 and seeing him each Saturday was something that made my week. Every week. I haven’t seen Dave since March.

Then there is the new guy – Joe. Joe has been helping to organize the store and make room in the basement. (Oh, if you could see that basement! Joe is a saint!) He’s been pushing hard on our eBay sales and getting some good response there. Keep checking eBay, folks, Joe posts new items as often as he can.

And some thanks should go to Michael, who has occasionally helped out with the blog whenever I feel tapped for ideas. I know the blog has been a bit sparse since the pandemic took hold. I still try to get at least two out a month and Michael’s help has been greatly appreciated.

Most of all, we need to thank our customers. You guys have been great. We’ve had to close up once again to in store traffic, because the Covid is just spiking too high these days. Chris had been opening the store on weekends the last couple of months, but, with the current surge in cases here in Minnesota, he felt it would be too dangerous to staff and customers to allow in store business.

We all know a comic book and collectables store needs to be browsed. That’s its main appeal. People need to be able to sift through the boxes and shelves to find those missing items to fill the holes in their collections; or to find those treasures they didn’t know they had to have until it was in front of their eyes. But, with this pandemic, it’s just too risky.

We are still online, though. You can visit Nostalgia Zone from the safety of your home and browse through our catalog and make purchases. You can have your order mailed or you can arrange to pick it up at the store.

So, to all our longtime customers – Thank you so much for your business. We can’t say it enough just how much we appreciate you all.

To all our new customers – Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to making Nostalgia Zone your go to store for all those treasures you just gotta have.

2020 has been a hell of a year. We have high hopes that a vaccine will soon be available and we can get back to seeing you all in the store in 2021.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to see Dave again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay safe! Wear a mask!

Packing Peanuts!

Feel free to comment and share.

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