A Timely Great Cover

Published in July of this year by Harper Collins is this month’s great cover.

It is issue number one of the limited series Action Presidents, the humorously told true stories of four of America’s greatest presidents. The series includes Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and our first president, and the subject of this month’s cover, George Washington.

Of course, all our presidents were human, so they were flawed men, but each featured in this series had a certain greatness which helped form and propel this country. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all of America’s presidents.

Washington set the template and the high standard of the office. He stepped down twice from positions of power. First, when he resigned his command of an army which had just won a revolution. And, then a second time, after serving two four year terms as this nation’s first chief executive, setting the two term limit that lasted until Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, first elected in 1932 and reelected three more times. Washington’s willingness to stand down from such power might be the most remarkable aspect of his character.

Let’s look at the cover.

Created by artist Ryan Dunlavey, I suspect it was digitally produced. Yes, I prefer the old school of hand drawn and inked comic art, but digital has its place. And in something as cartoony as this cover digital works really well. The cartooniness of the art helps sell the telling of the stories in a humorous way.

The simplicity of the art is fun and effective. I love the bold line of that popping from the page fist. And the sternness of Pres. Washington’s expression brings to mind Sam Eagle, one of my favorite characters from The Muppet Show.

I think it’s great.

Packing Peanuts!

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