A Quick Great Cover By John Buscema


Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four #112 (July, 1971). The Hulk versus The Thing. Drawn by the great John Buscema and inked by Frank Giacoia.

‘Nuff said!




Well, OK, I suppose I should say some more.

John Buscema is hard to beat. He helped advance the look of comic book art by combining the dynamic excitement of Jack Kirby with a stronger grasp of anatomy. His storytelling skills were top notch. And there was also a gracefulness to his characters, as his nuanced work on Silver Surfer and in his introduction of the Vision in The Avengers #57 (October, 1968).

But he was also an artist of action and could create excellent tension. You can see that in this month’s great cover. Buscema has done a number of covers that are variations of what we see here. I’ve written about a couple of them already (here and here) and I can think of at least one more that will be covered in the future.

I’m sure this was a quick cover for him to draw, but that doesn’t take away from its greatness.

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