April Snow And A Missed Cheap Trick Concert

“Just when we thought it was safe to put the shovels away…”

Said just about everyone living in the Upper Midwest during the last day and a half. The weather reports started warning us last Sunday evening. They told us it was early yet, things could change, but, despite temperatures in the 60s Sunday and Monday, it was looking as though winter would return on Wednesday afternoon right through Friday. They predicted low temperatures, high winds, and lots of wet and heavy snow.

They were right. The jerkfaces.

Oh, I know. Don’t blame the meteorologists. They don’t make the weather. But just look at this. Grrrrrr.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 12.01.46 PM
This shows Western Minnesota, which got hit even harder than where I live in the Twin Cities. Photo credit: KARE11.com

This is the second April in a row in which Minnesota got dumped on. It’s quite a gut punch after seeing the grass and the trees starting to bud after a long winter. It was almost 70º on Monday. 70 degrees!!

So, as I sit here, resting my once again snow shoveling sore muscles, a snow-related story came to me. No, not last year’s April gut punch. Not the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, which I experienced. Oh, boy. That was something!

I want to take you back to November 23, 1983. I was going to art school. I had been there for only three months and I still hadn’t quite jumped on the punk rock bandwagon. I was being introduced to it, but I hadn’t got the feel for it yet. However, I would before that first school year was out.

One of my favorite bands in those days (and I still like them a lot) was coming to Minneapolis – Cheap Trick. It would be a one night engagement to promote their new album Next Position Please. An album I liked, but it hadn’t charted very well. Despite the excellent production by Todd Rundgren, there wasn’t a truly standout song in the collection. Although the opening track I Can’t Take It is pretty good.

Well, no matter. My friend John and I were going to see them. We got our tickets for a mere $9.92 each. $9.92! Boy, those were the days, eh? That wouldn’t even pay for parking now.

I must have been awfully excited about it, because my classmates were well aware that I was going to the show. I got a little bit of teasing by the punk rockers in class. “That’s kids’ stuff,” they’d say. I held my ground. “Can you honestly tell me you forgot? Forgot the magnetism of Robin Zander? The charisma of Rick Nielsen? How ’bout the tunes…”

Sorry. I seem to have drifted into an 80s teen comedy.

Anyway, it was late November. We were in Minnesota. And we know what can happen. Earlier in the week the weather forecasters began to predict snow. Lots of it. And right on the night of the big show. I was getting nervous. Please, let the weather person be wrong. Please, don’t snow.

I kept looking out the windows at school throughout that day. No snow yet. No snow yet. No sno… Was that a snowflake? Oh, no. Are those more? Don’t look. It’s not really happening. If I don’t look it won’t be snowing. Everything will be fine…

“Hey, Jim. Did you see outside? It doesn’t look good. Looks like you won’t be seeing Cheap Trick after all.”

The school day ended. Somehow the city bus got me home. When at home, I stood at the window looking at all that snow coming down. Realizing that not looking at it wouldn’t make it stop, I tried to will the weather to cease its impinging on my concert-going life.

The phone rang. It was John.

“Sorry, man. There’s no way I’m driving in this. We’re not going.”

“But, John! We paid $9.92! Each! It took me three hours of work to earn that!”

“It ain’t happening. And, geez, you earn crap.”

“I know. It’s minimum wage. What can I do? You know, one day this country will realize that people new to the workforce, such as myself, working entry level positions at unskilled jobs, such as working at Wendy’s, as I do, deserve a living wage…”

Sorry. I seem to have drifted into some 99% protest.

We didn’t go. The show went on without us. And, I suspect, without several other fans.

On July 11, 1997, I finally got to see Cheap Trick play live. It was at the legendary Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue & 7th Street Entry. It took more than 13 years, but it was worth the wait. They were great! I would go on to see them another four times.

One of those times was an outdoor show as part of the Minneapolis Rib Fest. It was free, but I could say I paid for it years in advance.

I got my $9.92 worth.

cheap trick1
The actual unused ticket.

Packing Peanuts!

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