Colin Kaepernick, Jesse Ventura, and a stopped clock.


We here at Warehouse Find, the official blog of Nostalgia Zone, are strong advocates of free speech. It’s what makes it possible for me to post this drivel…er…I mean, pearls of wisdom each week. Well, recently, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura made a video in which he voices his support for San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who had protested the treatment of African Americans in this country, especially by police, by sitting down during the playing of the Nation Anthem. Ventura was concerned by how some Americans were treating the star quarterback for exercising his free speech to peacefully redress grievances with his country.

Ventura stated that, whether or not he agrees with Kaepernick, he supports the athlete’s right to protest. Ventura reminds us that he served in the military and part of what he was fighting for was the right to protest. The former pro-wrestler may be way out there with his believing in any crackpot conspiracy theory that comes along, but I have to say I agree with him fully on this one.

After watching Ventura’s video, I thought to myself, “Well, what do you know? A stopped clock is still right twice a day.”

Unless it’s the kind of clock that doesn’t display the time when it stops working. Then it’s not really functioning as a clock. It’s more like a paperweight or an interesting wall decoration.


But the clocks with hands and numbers, if they stop functioning, they will still display a time of day. Or those digital clocks with the numbers on little tabs that flip over as the time changes. Remember those? Remember how fun it was to set the time on those clocks? You could flip through the numbers super fast. That was fun. Yeah. Fun… I haven’t thought about those types of clocks in a long time. Funny how things just pop into your mind. Anyway, that kind of clock would display a time of day even if it stopped working, but those digital clocks display am or pm with the time. So, technically, they would only be right once a day, because there is only one am and one pm in a day.

But the clocks we have today have computer screens or LED digital displays. If they stop working they likely won’t show any time all. So, they wouldn’t be right even once a day, let alone twice.

And these days, more and more people are just relying on their smart phones and other such devices for the time. Which is really hurting the sales of good ol’ wristwatches. Personally, I prefer a wristwatch. Who wants to have to dig in their pocket or backpack or purse to find their phone to see what time it is? Just look at that device on your wrist. I can see a time when people just won’t understand what is meant when someone says that a stopped clock is still right twice a day. They just won’t know about that sort of clock.

I guess the old saying really mainly pertains to the clocks and wristwatches with hands and numbers and no indication of am or pm. Of course, there doesn’t have to be numbers. People who know how to tell time don’t necessarily need numbers on the clock face. But I prefer, at least, a dot or mark of some kind in the places where the numbers would have been. There are some clocks and wristwatches that don’t even have that. I don’t like them as timepieces. They make it harder to tell time at a glance, but they would still be right twice a day if they stopped.


But then there are some clocks and wristwatches with hands that are set to military time, you know, displaying all 24 hours of a day. If you have one of those clocks then you’d have one that’s only right once a day. Unless, the clock face has the traditional round, 12 hour set-up, having 12 o’clock as both 12:00 and 24:00 and so on around the face. Then that stopped military clock with hands and numbers would still be right twice a day.


So, let’s just say that a clock or wristwatch with hands that has stopped is what people are referring to when using that phrase…

Uh. Hmm.

What was I talking about?

Packing Peanuts!

Feel free to comment and share.

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