ABBA said what?

abba-super-trouper-2001-inside-cover-48231I love ABBA.

Well, I love their hits. Most of them. I’m not an obsessed superfan or anything like that. I don’t own their albums, just a greatest hits thing or two. I don’t know their deep tracks.

But I love ABBA just the same.

ABBA was the embodiment of the 70s’ light-hearted, pleasure-seeking, let’s party lifestyle. They were just so pleasant. Easy to listen to, to dance to, and to forget about all your cares and concerns. And the gals had lovely voices and lovely other bits. Ahem. And the fellas weren’t bad looking either. Even their more somber efforts, such as Knowing Me, Knowing You, still fill me with that youthful joy the Swedish supergroup has long engendered.

However, there was one song. It’s a great song, but with lyrics that must have given their most hardcore superfan a moment of pause. The song is Super Trooper and it’s all about how sick and tired the singer is to be touring and performing before adoring fans as part of a “success the never ends.” She wishes each show was the last show. But, tonight will be fine because the person she loves will be in the audience.

Hmmm. Kinda dismissing the rest of the fans, ain’t she?

Sure, I understand that kind of work can be grueling, but is it a good idea to tell your fans that your sick of singing for them and the only time you don’t mind is when your significant other is present? But, somehow, the song doesn’t insult. It still manages to uplift. Such was the power of ABBA.

Oh! Slightly off topic, but still an indication of their awesomeness. Check out the video for their song Ring Ring. Bjorn is wearing a cape! And he’s rockin’ it! Oh, man. The 70s were really something else.



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