I thought I was the only one…


So, you know how you can get weird ideas for time to time? If you don’t, then you ain’t using your brain right.

Well, I don’t know how I came to think this way, but decades ago I started considering the human skeleton to be its own being, locked within a person. The skeleton didn’t necessarily want to be doing what the exterior person was doing, but it had no choice. Dancing, fighting, (ahem) sex all take on a different quality when you picture the skeleton being forced into those actions.

The skeleton is an innocent creature. It doesn’t hate or ridicule. It doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It’s just made to do those things.

Try picturing people as their skeletons. I find it gives a different perspective on life.

So, I thought I was the only person whose brain worked this way, although living on a planet with billions of people, I should have figured it would be likely someone else might think the same way I do. And in 1988 I learned I wasn’t, in fact, the only person who thought about skeletons in this manner.

I’m a big fan of the musical group XTC and its principle songwriter Andy Partridge (I mentioned Partridge is last week’s blog on The Monkees new album – Good Times!) and I have been since the mid-80s. I was such a fan I signed up for a newsletter put out by an XTC fan club.

One newsletter that arrived in 1988 had articles about the much-anticipated Oranges & Lemons, XTC’s follow-up to their 1986 masterpiece Skylarking. One of the features of that newsletter was the inclusion of lyrics to a song on the new album…

Poor Skeleton Steps Out

Lyrics by Andy Partridge:

Poor skeleton steps out,
Dressed up in bad blood,
Bad brains, bad thoughts, and others deeds

Poor skeleton no doubt,
One of these days,
You can cast aside your human, be free

When the cities run with blood,
And you drink our health in mud,
“All flesh be gone”

Save your dry and joyous shout,
For the day poor skeleton steps out

Poor skeleton steps out,
Sprung from his life sentence,
Deep inside some muscle mask

Poor skeleton devout,
Propping up truck drivers,
Filmstars, thieves or queens, your brave task

When technology is rust,
And you write your book in dust,
“All flesh be gone”

Can’t buy tickets from a tout,
For the day poor skeleton steps out

Poor skeleton steps out,
Liberated from sex organs,
And brown, black, white skin

Poor skeleton you lout,
Don’t you think that we might,
Like to have been asked to join in?

For good skeletons are we,
And we’re dying to be free,
“All flesh be gone”

I will scream or sulk and pout,
Until my poor skeleton steps out

Better watch out, here comes bony boy

Holy bones! Batman!

Andy Partridge thinks the same way I do! About skeletons, anyway.

I knew I liked XTC for a reason.

Packing Peanuts!

Feel free to comment and share.

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One thought on “I thought I was the only one…

  1. Scott Rolfs says:

    I love XTC too. Not sure what Andy is up these days.

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