A game for Holiday…

Christmas gatherings with my family involve some game playing. Nothing too vigorous. No charades or anything very physical, but there might be some kind of quiz. No, not some Common Core thing, but a quiz involving a theme. For instance, one year we had to identify Christmas carols from some cryptically worded clue. The clues might be: The lad is a diminutive percussionist (Little Drummer Boy) or Sir Lancelot with laryngitis (Silent Night).

I thought I’d try my hand at it.

I have come up with a list of clues that hint at a specific popular movie. I call it Vague Spoilers. And I mean pretty vague and they are spoilers. Although some answers may be pretty obvious, I realized this could be a very difficult quiz, so I’m including the year the film was released as an additional clue. I will post the answers in a follow-up blog that will be posted shortly after this one.

So, here it is….

The Vague Spoilers Movie Quiz!

1) She was dreaming. (1939)
2) He was on Earth the whole time. (1968)
3) His mother was dead all along. (1960)
4) She leaves with her husband. (1942)
5) He’s a ghost. (1999)
6) She’s biologically male. (1992)
7) She’s the sister and the mother. (1974)
8) He goes home. (1982)
9) They all killed him. (1974)
10) He hits the pennant-winning home run. (1984)
11) They get gunned down in their car. (1967)
12) The bad guy is his father. (1980)
13) They find the defendant not guilty. (1957)
14) The fire gets put out. (1974)
15) They never complete their quest. (1975)
16) He blows it up. (1977)
17) He blows it up. (1975)
18) He blows it up. (1957)
19) He doesn’t win. (1976)
20) He does win. (1979)
21) They survive. (1995)
22) She survives. (2013)
23) They save the earth. (1986)
24) He gets away. (1994)
25) It sinks. (1997)

So, how’d you do? Answers in the next blog entry.

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