Far be it for me to criticize, but…

This is a pretty good computer-assisted illustration of our favorite villain The Joker, but I must take issue. Back when I was in art school, oh, a couple hundred years ago, there were drawing instructors who would remind their students to keep a count on the number of fingers and toes we were drawing. It could happen that a student would be so intent on drawing a model that he or she might not notice they added a digit or two.

I would say that goes for teeth, as well. How many to you think there are in Joker’s mouth?

“My dentist bills would be through the roof, but when she tries to make me pay I threaten to kill her, her assistant, her family, her dog, her neighbors, and a few random, unrelated people. That usually settles it. Hahahahahaha!”

By my estimation, I get 46 teeth: 24 up top and 22 lower. Joker must be part shark.

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