That tired old detective – Sgt. Fish

Probably talking to Bernice.
Probably talking to Bernice.

OK, so tomorrow is my older brother’s birthday, but enough about him. It’s time for me to stroke my own ego. When I send birthday cards to my family members I try to write something clever and funny in them. Not always with success. However, I think I did well this year. Here’s what I wrote in my brother’s birthday card for this year…

It was January 23, 1975 when the classic TV cop sit-com ‘Barney Miller’ premiered on ABC. On that date, America was introduced to the funniest collection of cops since ‘Car 54, Where Are You?’ One of the favorite characters was Sergeant Fish. Fish was the old man of the squad room. He was tired, weary, worn down by life, and, of course, there were the frequent bathroom breaks. Fish was played by the seemingly immortal (he’s still alive!) Abe Vigoda. So popular was the old detective that he earned his own show ‘Fish’ on which we got to see him living with his frequently calling (on ‘Barney Miller’) wife, Bernice, and a house full of misfit foster kids. So funny!

So, why the information on TV’s Sgt. Fish?

Well, when ‘Barney Miller’ aired in 1975, that tired old cop was played by Abe Vigoda who was 53 years old.

Congratulations on making it to 54!

Happy Birthday!

Not a bad bit of writing, huh? You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.

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